Kimberly Pellini for District Attorney - District 1

My name is Kimberly Pellini, and I am running to be your next District Attorney.   I have been serving North Eastern North Carolina as an Assistant District Attorney since 2006.  In this role, I have successfully tried many high-profile cases with great success.  I pride myself on being a passionate advocate on the behalf of victims and their families.  

As your District Attorney, I would ensure that every member of my staff is just as motivated as I am to seek justice and to be a zealous advocate on behalf of crime victims. To help my prosecutors be as successful as possible, I would implement an inhouse training program that would provide practical guidance on trial advocacy as well as clarity on some of the murkier areas of the law.

In addition, although I am a proud conservative, I would strive to remove all politics from the courtroom. Instead, I would endeavor to reach a just result for everyone irrespective of their social status or political inclinations.  



On March 8, 2022, vote for Kimberly Pellini for District Attorney.